The MRG FOLD is a wave folder inspired by the Harmonics section of the Buchla 259. It is not a clone, however, as it has four folding stages instead of five, and the internal opamps of the wavefolding section have been changed from the original to work at 5V instead of 6V. Furthermore, the input signal is internally attenuated to 1V instead of .7V. All of this required a complete recalculation of all parameters of the wavefolding circuit.

As the original, MRG FOLD has the possibility of mixing the input signal with the folded one (dry/wet). A unique feature of the MRG FOLD is that it allows to substitute in the mixing the input signal with an external one.

On top of this, the FOLD has an overdrive stage, right after the wet/dry mixing, that contributes to the personality of the module.

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Technical Details:

Width: 4HP (2cm)
Depth: 4cm

Panel Description:

INPUT Input Signal
SYM CV CV for Symmetry
F Knob Folding Amount
Sy Knob Symmetry
M Knob Wet/Dry Mixing
Sa knob Saturation Amount (Overdrive)
EXT IN External Signal For Wet/Dry Mixing
OUTPUT Output Signal